Friday, August 12, 2011

The Darling Dora Cake

After we posted the Noddy cake, Sunehra's friend Andrea asked us to do a cake for her son Rhys's 2nd birthday. Rhys's favorite character was Dora the Explorer so that's what Andrea wanted for her little man.

We were super excited. It was our first order and we were doing something we had never done before.

Choosing the Picture

We gave Andrea three choices and she chose a picture of Dora running. It was the picture we would have chosen too - it was large, covered most of the cake and had the most vibrant colors. Andrea also wanted a decadent chocolate cake so that's what we baked.

Drawing, Icing and Decorating

We covered the cake with white fondant and Sunehra drew out the picture. She then outlined it with black butter icing. Then Reshna got to work on the rosettes with butter icing. She used a smaller nozzle than usual this time so each rosette was tinier, more precise and the picture became clearer. Once it was done, we felt the eyes and smile just didn't appear as alive and attractive as we would like. So Sunehra took the smallest nozzle we had and outlined both with the thinnest of black outlines. It did the trick. Suddenly Dora was lively and adorable.

Reshna finished up rosetting the borders and the writing. The cake looked absolutely stellar!!

Andrea loved the cake, we hope Rhys did too. We were thrilled to bits with our first successful order. Cake decorating was really becoming a successful outlet for our creative juices.