About Us

Sunehra Koshy is a cake enthusiast mother of one, due to be mother of 2 in September 2011. Her son Dhruv is the center of her universe and she made her first theme cake for him - a Xylophone. Her chief influence for cake decorating was her mother who always made theme cakes for her and her brother's birthdays. Not known for her patience, Sunehra is the more artistic yet haphazard one of the two. She frequently acknowledges that if it wasn't for Reshna reminding her to 'stop hurrying', most of the cakes would end up a complete disaster.

Reshna Abraham always wanted to make theme cakes and when her daughter Aalia's 2nd birthday rolled around, she wanted more than ever to create something spectacular. She joined forces with Sunehra after learning that they shared this common interest. Her first theme cake was a beautiful butterfly, one that her daughter adored and party attenders greatly appreciated. Since then, Sunehra and Reshna always make cakes together even if the cake in question isn't for one of their kids.
Reshna's painstaking precision is what makes her the skillful one of the duo, ensuring that all the cakes have a clean and crisp finish. Each rosette she ices is usually perfectly crafted and that's why the cakes turn out so great.