Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Amazing Clown Cake

Reshna's daughter Aalia was turning 3 and we resisted the temptation to make a pretty girly cake - with a fairy theme or a princess feel. We knew that in a couple of years she would probably want these themes herself, so now was the time to do something fun and recognizable that she and her little toddler friends would love.

A Happy Colourful Clown

We froze on the clown cake because it was just so colorful and vibrant. The clown himself looked so happy that we felt it would set the tone for the entire party. Reshna baked the cake, a massive chocolate masterpiece. It was quite tall and perfectly flat on the surface. Sunehra drew out the picture of the clown and once it was ready, it was time to carve. 

White Icing over a Chocolate Cake?

Sunehra was mortified when she heard Reshna had baked a chocolate cake. It is impossible to keep crumbs out of the icing!! Reshna valiantly insisted that it tasted so much better. So together we figured we would put two layers of white icing over the face. One for the crumbs and the next hopefully would be clean and unblemished. Our gamble paid off and fortunately our clown had a smooth and clear complexion.

Coloring up with Rosettes

The rest of the clown face was filled with rosettes. Reshna, precise and diligent as ever ensured that each rosette was perfectly crafted and aesthetically positioned over the cake. Sunehra took care of the fondant bow, nose and smile and pretty soon the cake was done.

The party was a stellar success and the happy clown, a fitting centerpiece!

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