Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Noddy Cake for a Noddy Fan

When Prerna asked us to do a Noddy cake for her son’s Veer’s birthday party, we jumped at the chance. It didn’t matter that Reshna’s daughter’s birthday party was the week before or that Sunehra was in her 8th month of pregnancy. We couldn’t miss up the chance to make something we had never done before. 
What Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong
To start, we made a chocolate cake and found that Sunehra’s oven was not heating evenly so one side had risen much higher than the other. After the cake was leveled it was so short that a second cake had to be baked which we placed on top of it to add some height. Delicious chocolate icing made from pure melted chocolate was spread over the base, middle and sides and now the cake was ready for the fondant top.
Curse that Fondant!
Fondant is painful in so many ways. First we have to get our fingers messy with liquid glucose. Then we have to knead and knead and knead and knead. Then we have to rolll it out and it never gets the way it should but after a good 1 hour on it, we finally had it perfect. We placed it on top of the cake and we were ready to start drawing.

The rest was a Cinch
Drawing and frosting the Noddy shape was actually a cinch. We took about 2 hours for that and once we were done, we were pretty pleased with the results. Veer loved it and took great pleasure in cutting it in front of his friends.


  1. Sunehra - great to see you explore this line, and am not surprised one bit, it's in the genes! :) all the best with this venture and hope to see more!

  2. Hey Sunehra! It looks amazing and i bet it tasted even better!! Now get going on a bachelor cake too ;)

  3. Awesome stuff sun!!Am so happy to see you doing what you love. Bake away!

  4. Hi, my son will turn 2 in Dec and he loves Noddy. I was planning on making a Noddy cake for him. I'm a novice baker. Will I be able to do this? Can you help me with how to go about making the fondant??? Any help will be greatly appreciated. I so want to make this boy happy!